Logistics Development Group plc 

(“LDG” or the “Company“) 

Share Capital Reduction 

LDG is pleased to announce that the cancellation of 140,441,180 ordinary shares of £0.01 each which were subject to the buyback effected by the Company between 25 February 2022 and 6 April 2022 (the “Capital Reduction“), which was approved by shareholders on 6 March 2023, was sanctioned by the High Court of England and Wales on 28 March 2023. The order of the High Court confirming the Capital Reduction, and the statement of capital approved by the High Court in connection therewith, will be delivered to the Registrar of Companies today. The Capital Reduction will then become effective upon the registration of the Court order by the Registrar of Companies. 

Following the Capital Reduction, the issued share capital of the Company consists of 561,764,720 ordinary shares of £0.01 each. 

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