Logistics Development Group plc

(“LDG” or the “Company”)

Investment into Nash Squared

LDG is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Fixtaia Limited (“Fixtaia”) has completed an investment of £10 million into the Nash Squared group (“Nash Squared”), a leading global provider of technology solutions and talent acquisition, as part of a refinancing by Nash Squared (the “Investment”).

Summary of Key Terms

Fixtaia has subscribed for £10 million fixed rate unsecured 15% series A loan notes and payment in kind (PIK) notes (“Notes”) issued by The Power of Talent Midco Limited (“Midco”), to be redeemed no later than 9 February 2027. Midco is a special purpose company that ultimately owns the operating companies in the Nash Squared group.

Interest accrues daily and compounds monthly and is payable on redemption. Interest can be paid in cash or through the issue of further Notes (PIK Notes) at the election of Midco. The Notes also benefit from a fixed £1.5m redemption premium. If the Notes are redeemed within the first year then 12 months’ interest is repayable upon redemption.

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