Logistics Development Group plc 

(“LDG” or the “Company”) 

Further re Synsion Investment 

On 1 December 2022, LDG notified an investment of €18.5m (c.£15.9m) into Synsion TopCo Ltd (“Synsion Topco“), the private holding company of a group of companies (the “Synsion Group“) formed by DBAY Advisors Limited (“DBAY“), the Company’s investment manager, specifically to invest in SQLI S.A. (ENXTPA:SQI) (“SQLI“) (the “Investment“), a leading pan-European digital transformation business. The Investment has been utilised by the Synsion Group to acquire an additional stake in SQLI at €44.25 per share and has increased the Synsion Group’s holding in SQLI by 9% to 81.3%. 

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